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A Love Poem for Women

Woman, you are the earth that lays the ground, From your mouth words manifest formations, Everything about you round and round, Soft and hard, still and flowing your foundations.

Woman, I love you because you are my mother, You are my sister, my auntie and my friend, How could I live without your wisdom grandmother Or teach my children, our children to the never end.

Woman, at the call of trouble, terror and turmoil, I can raise my voice in song, You join me in harmony to till the soil, From barren to fertile, am held, I trust nothing is wrong.

Woman, an aspect of life that exudes nurturance, We stand under the moon hand in hand, Gazing with affection for each other, no utterance, We hold we high, reach the sky, consecrate the land.

Woman, no need for jealousy, our differences compliment, Weaving tapestries of colors wide and narrow, long and short Supported by you is meaningful, an advent! My love for you woman and in me, you are my cohort.

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