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By. The. Level. Of Your. Faith. It. Will. Be. Done.

The Stone Matrix
The Stone Matrix, Monte Sueño, Ecuador

These times are definitely times of the ascension. We are in the middle way, a passage where our Earthship is spinning through the portal of the next evolutionary spiral of our reality whether you like it or not. And this movement through space and time feels like a bi-polar-space-adventure. Some people think that in a few months everything will return to "normal" again. Do you really want that? I feel that COVID-19 is an opportunity to look at things upside down and to witness hidden truths. How about we free ourselves into a way of life that will bring us the liberation from the "normal" we once lived. For me returning to "normal" would be like returning to a complex slavery system evident in small and big picture parts of our reality. But we are inter-dimensionally spinning into the next space in Earthship, whether you stand on the return end or the forward end of that reality it doesn't matter. However, making use of this space and time to be impactful conjurers of our hearts desires is key to entering it's destiny. We have to see our fears overcome. That begins with self love and self realization.

Let's reflect further; First, do you really want to reverse back into pre COVID19 lifestyle? Did you really like that job, that hustle, that house, that control of food source? How can you live in your purpose differently and joyfully? This bi-polar moment is dumbfounding. Bi-polar(ity) behaviour is instigated to promote heaps of fear, confusion, distraction, and scrambled thought processing. Quarantine time has provided us evidence clearly. Do not let fears consume you with their bombardment, after all it is food for a system that seeks to maintain the propensity of the "normal" programming. The truth is fears are sourced in deep colonial wounds, in the veins of enslavers and slavers. These fears are control freaky vibrations that penetrate the air like pheromones of a dog in heat. I totally understand, and am very clear about the matrix we live in; jobs, schools, paying bills, busy 12 hour days, exhausted from running around, making money for other people and a little for yourself, on and on and on....Again, please ask yourselves a question, is that a normal lifestyle? Do you know what normal is for you? Without time and space to meditate, we loose the meaning of normal, don't we? And with time and space we fear to think of our liberation, don't we?

I work in Indigenous Wisdom not to bring old wisdoms back and make us great again, but to remind us of our primordial divinities to take us to our higher greatness onward; All of us have this ability no matter which side of the bi-pole you stand! Our higher greatness serves us all in a grid of harmony; blessing each other's greatness, supporting each others gifts. However, where we're coming out from, is heavily placed in ignorance, greed, self-privilege, exploitation, appropriation, desperation and fear, keeping us locked down within our Spiritual capacity to grow creative minds and live our Creator given purpose. We need to have the courage to tear down the boundaries of captivity that the net of the controlled matrix mindset has placed us under a spell, day by day throughout the years of the fourth dimension.

I just received a call from my beloved Mother who received a call from her beloved sister. We've had a death in our village. A place located in the Western Province of Kenya, right near Lake Nyansa, which the colonizers recently renamed Lake Victoria. An honorable, healthy and happy man minutes prior to his death, collapsed unexpectedly in the twilight hours of the night. This man serves my memory well and will as long as I breath in this and the afterlife. He was an important burial ritualist. He was the name we called upon when we buried our ancestors. He is the One who sealed the burial grounds with his sacred hands and sacred heart, desiring this task in service of his life purpose. And now, who shall bury him in a COVID-19 world? Who shall honor him, as he has others, for almost all my life? The day prior to his death, he had just gotten tested for the COVID-19 virus, apparently a mandatory testing being provided in rural Western Kenya. One cannot enter public transportation nor shops without having been tested. And the day after he drops dead. Was it really a test? My people are indigenous people. People I identify with, people I grew up with, people I spent time with, people who cultivated my mission and purpose, people who imparted wisdom to me, and now they are in grave danger! In Africa, and am sure many other places, foreign medical crews, in this case in the image of Chinese people, allied with local governments members, are coming in and enforcing mandatory testing. My question to you all is this; If you have heard of a people from distant lands who are also your rivals, with deadly sickness who then come knocking at your house door to say they're coming inside to heal you, would you open it? Bare in mind, that they've been on your lands coming in numbers, abusing your people, raping the land and sacred sites, raping women, men, children and their sacred bodies, mining and then abandoning land like unstitched open heart surgery after claiming it's minerals and gems to extinction, not concerned and in fact, call you monkeys and stupid slaves as they walk with bags of your minerals, pollute your waters, physically abuse your uncles and aunties, settle on your land, buy acres and acres of it but don't want you on the land, I could go on and on and on....Should you get tested by the same people???

Where is leadership? Where is power? Where is critical thinking and questioning?

People! Indigenous people of the world. People in nations of abundance and fertile soils. Beautiful people. Naive people. Ignorant people. Colonizers. Criminals. Biomedical criminals. Rapists of land and body. Greedy passionate trillionaire hoarders. All people! Please. Look up in the sky and remember your connection with the Universal Order. Love is deep there. We are on this Earthship together moving through the portal of space and time whether you like it or not, it has been divined. We're all inside the vortex. Honor yourself! Honor your power! Honor your faith! Pick up the soil and inhale its essence. Speak to each particle of dust and blow it in prayer. Speak it, speak it speake it. His name was Speake, pronounced Sp-e-kay. Say his name. Send him a prayer as he returns to dust. Dust that will feed all of us. He's still in the moment of shock laying on the floor of his home, surrounded by his family wondering how they ended up here. Prayer is called for now. Not religious prayer, presence prayer. Speak mystic vibrations of sealing innocent lives, cloaking land and plants, covering children, uplifting indigenous lives, uplifting all lives. Speak, Speake, because we need all the diversity in our creativity within us as we welcome this coming era. It is true by the level of your faith we will see it through, see it for the whole planet, it will be done, it is done, because I say so and you should too!

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