By. The. Level. Of Your. Faith. It. Will. Be. Done.

The Stone Matrix
The Stone Matrix, Monte Sueño, Ecuador

These times are definitely times of the ascension. We are in the middle way, a passage where our Earthship is spinning through the portal of the next evolutionary spiral of our reality whether you like it or not. And this movement through space and time feels like a bi-polar-space-adventure. Some people think that in a few months everything will return to "normal" again. Do you really want that? I feel that COVID-19 is an opportunity to look at things upside down and to witness hidden truths. How about we free ourselves into a way of life that will bring us the liberation from the "normal" we once lived. For me returning to "normal" would be like returning to a complex slavery system evident in small and big picture parts of our reality. But we are inter-dimensionally spinning into the next space in Earthship, whether you stand on the return end or the forward end of that reality it doesn't matter. However, making use of this space and time to be impactful conjurers of our hearts desires is key to entering it's destiny. We have to see our fears overcome. That begins with self love and self realization.

Let's reflect further; First, do you really want to reverse back into pre COVID19 lifestyle? Did you really like that job, that hustle, that house, that control of food source? How can you live in your purpose differently and joyfully? This bi-polar moment is dumbfounding. Bi-polar(ity) behaviour is instigated to promote heaps of fear, confusion, distraction, and scrambled thought processing. Quarantine time has provided us evidence clearly. Do not let fears consume you with their bombardment, after all it is food for a system that seeks to maintain the propensity of the "normal" programming. The truth is fears are sourced in deep colonial wounds, in the veins of enslavers and slavers. These fears are control freaky vibrations that penetrate the air like pheromones of a dog in heat. I totally understand, and am very clear about the matrix we live in; jobs, schools, paying bills, busy 12 hour days, exhausted from running around, making money for other people and a little for yourself, on and on and on....Again, please ask yourselves a question, is that a normal lifestyle? Do you know what normal is for you? Without time and space to meditate, we loose the meaning of normal, don't we? And with time and space we fear to think of our liberation, don't we?

I work in Indigenous Wisdom not to bring old wisdoms back and make us great a