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Study: Clinical Herbalism and Healing Arts

Well of Indigenous Wisdom school is located in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.  We only accept local Puerto Rican Spanish speaking students living on the island, unless you are interested in our online school or advanced clinical mentorship program.

Welcome to WOIW! 

Well of Indigenous Wisdom school envisions herbal medicine as a modality that redefines health and healing through indigenous knowledge.  It is a unique and rare program merging herbalism and the healing arts to bring forth understanding and empowerment to both the student and the client. The school focuses on all indigenous traditions from around the world. The curriculum develops WOIW's vision of being the well where a source of deep, nourishing, mineral-rich water strengthens and enlightens each and every existing cell in the body. As with each class, each sip of well water is coded with earth wisdom. 

Why Indigenous Wisdom?

Indigenous wisdom is OUR wisdom.  All indigenous people are descendants of a people of the earth, gatekeepers of sacred science and indigenous thought that never dissolves in its sacredness. Plants are our teachers, guardians and guides, they are our allies and spirit keepers.  WOIW gives plants the opportunity to teach us how to remember who we really are, and to remind others of themselves.  We must respect and honor our indigenous roots as we stand on the shoulders of elders and ancestors who in the plant and people kingdoms brought us this far.  Indigenous wisdom asks us to be accountable for our actions on earth and for all life therein.  

What does the training entail?

WOIW encourages those who seek mentorship, desire indigenous ways, seek intense, personable study in plants and healing to apply.  The training provides students with access to their (often hidden) healing gifts, herbal medicine and concepts, hands-on practice, and the opportunity to learn with others of similar interest. WOIW serves as a vortex point that permits the student, as they become a healer, to dig within and speak, discover and share their stored indigenous wisdom. Students who wish to be fully certified for clinical practice, must complete the entire curriculum by attending each month of classes consecutively.  Anyone can apply.  There is no degree or prerequiste required to enter the program; except for an interview and a written application.  


For both in person and online studies, Well of Indigenous Wisdom, WOIW, requires a 14 month commitment in the study of herbalism and the healing arts.  The program is divided into 2 levels.  Level 1 develops healing art skills and basic herbalism awareness.  Level 2 focuses on clinical herbalism to prepare the student for practice or community education positions.

Main focuses are on students discovering themselves as healer, learning Materia Medica of widely used herbs worldwide mostly tropical and Caribbean plants, and master clinical skills.  The concepts of the school are based on indigenous wisdom.  Indigenous wisdom is a universal indigenous language that speaks through the elements and nature.  We will focus on using this language to understand modern pathologies and phenomena, physiology and plant medicine.

Studying with WOIW is about growing awareness around health justice, we are interested in healthcare reform, sacred relationship with land use, food access and ways to hone peace of mind. This program will be in collaboration with the Herbalists without Borders volunteer service.


If you are a student having studied herbalism, seeking mentorship and building your clinical skills, this program is designed for you. To receive experience on the the beautiful island of Puerto Rico with WOIW this is the right place for you! Learn More.


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Registration for everyone: $100 non-refundable deposit.  



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