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Juju at Work: Land For The Grabs

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Everyone knows that I am a relentless voice on decolonization of anything as I believe that colonization is the root of all evil and most importantly dis-ease. This infection has and continues to spread viciously to all people on this planet, to mostly people of color; I would like to declare it a public health emergency as it is an epidemic that should have it's own diagnostic code. My story is a 100 plus series novel and one day I will write it full of color and vigor so that you will understand fully the painted picture of colonization and how it has personally affected my family members in Africa; how some of my family members of the revolution in Kenya and Nigeria were divided, conquered, mentally affected, and more, till this day.

My ancestors will not let me rest tonight as I write this at almost 3 am, they keep asking me to share with the world the horrible atrocities that lie in the colonial strategy and mindset here in Puerto Rico. It's a system that my people will call juju (only pronounced in a heavy African accent- please do not repeat this in public if you are unable to pronounce it correctly), except that it is not strong juju, rather superficial juju. Its strength is its persistence. What is juju in this case? Evil spell casting, programing and dupping. Remember the passage from first president of Kenya's autobiography Mzee Jomo Kenyatta on missionaries role in land grabbing? "While they gave us the Bible and our eyes were closed in prayer, they were taking our land."

My spirit people have assigned me a great life, to travel the trail of our people in the diaspora to discover and observe, voice and deliver truth, obediently I share. I am thankful indeed! Puerto Rico is correctly Boriken, Land of the Valiant, just like Lake Victoria is correctly Lake Nyanza meaning Vast Waters. Maybe I'll start doing some videos in correctly naming the colonized landmarks around the world to deactivate the colonizers weak juju on everyone. Well, as soon as Puerto Rico reclaims Boriken for example, the sooner ALL her people will recognize their valiance, because word sounds power is the truth!

Anyways, I am here on the Land of the Valiant, witnessing the true strategies of colonialism. It's like I am reliving my grandfather's stories of the colonial era in Kenya and ancestral whisperings of the take over. We all know that the island is under colonial rule; and knowing this once "subtly" has become an obvious fact. You know scenes like the arrival of Spaniards on ships in Apocolyto or militia on horses (except its planes here) in Dances with Wolves? Those scenes are happening. As if directed by Mel Gibson himself! Very ignorant, racist, bullies are here!!! Squatting ancestral lands, destroying ancestral grounds, disrespecting the people who's ancestors have been here for hundreds of years. They've come to take over and grab land...for "free" at times. And get away with it!!! There's also the anthropologist style colonizer here, usually in the guise of the "liberal" who has come under the notion of helping to volunteer or give to the people. Usually very keen to learn the language quickly, giving out random addiction oriented gifts or money, finding ways to worship in our traditional ways... truly inauthentic.... My eyebrows rise to this dangerous type, because we all know colonizers have agendas, most of the time it's trying to fulfill a romantic fantasy; living off the grid on natives land, wanna fulfill a Latinx/POC sexual experience, or simply greedy, live in a tax exempt haven!?! The entire pilgrim story replays in my head just before smallpox juju slaughters all our indigenous brothers and sisters to the ancestral realm in regret and agony. Ummhmm...And finally, we have the colonizer who has come to rape. Yes especially gross old men usually with criminal records drooling to seize beautiful POC boys or vice versa (and I have a personal story of gross old colonizer women preying on my 15 year old son). Rape is also on the land. As within, so without. Mining and secret work on the lands are leaving (y)our Mother looking like a Frankenstein with all her insides torn apart. It's bloody! It's bloody this colonialism! You need to come home and correct this wrong people! (Y)our Mother is screaming for help! Now! Wake up from the juju wherever you are!

I am unable to see these things without voicing it and waking you up to yourself! The land is for grabs everywhere POC are, especially here on the island. It has become a market place for the colonizer. If I wanted to purchase land here, I would have to pay for it through a more difficult process than if the colonizer were to walk into a bank or simply just take it because "no one" is on the land, and begin building a house or business since no one questions the colonizer...their juju makes it that they can never do anything wrong. Some call it privilege. Please let's not make it a positive's thieving! It's corruption!

In response to this blog, may no colonizer or colonized mind mention once that it's the fault of "our" leaders. Of course it is ...and who is enabling it?....and who indoctrinated it?...who writes the

rules that are only allowed to be broken by the one who writes them?....and who disrupted and continues to disrupt the systems that were in place prior to colonization?

My people, ha, all people who resonate with this are my people; and especially indigenous people. I beg you, please, please, please, come home and claim your land before this eyewitness-land-story gets twisted in his-story books that they will be selling back to you, to twist your mind to further mental dis-ease.

Come home, invest and buy or claim your land. Do not neglect your elders, your abulexs who are here alone unable to fight the conpeople.

Come and claim your sacred land before it's all grabbed.

Earth Keeper Medicine Tea For Sanity In Neo-Colonial Times

1 part passionflower

1 part lemon balm

1/2 part skullcap

1/2 part lemon peel

Make 1tsp for a cup and sip on this while inhaling frankincense, myrrh and rock salt incense. To find your power to change the colonizing system and/or to claim your ancestral grounds completely.

Sealed in empowerment!

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