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 Omaroti is a responsible practice in holistic health and wellness.
​​We focus on the sacredness of wellbeing through clinical herbalism, education and herbal products. 
  • Offering Herbal Apothecary
  • Student Herbal Clinics
  • Natural & Local Products of the Land
  • Workshops
Si ustedes son locales e interesados en estudiar a escuela de Well of Indigenous Wisdom por favor aquí.
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"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world"

~ The Late Madiba, Nelson Mandela


Well of Indigenous Wisdom School is  located in Puerto Rico offering local and online studies in herbal medicine which includes the healing arts and indigenous cosmology.  We are a school teaching empowerment, innovation and sustainability through plant medicine. Registered with the American Herbalist Guild we seek to teach all students curriculum to meet the requirements of the guild. We encourage the herbal community to seek membership to the AHG's growing diverse community. More Info.


Invite me to your school, university, community, radio station or conference to speak on Decolonization of Herbalism, Indigenous Wisdom, Cannabis, African Centered Herbalism and Healing Arts.  I have been a guest speaker, presenter , keynote speaker, and featured at numerous venues. I believe in spreading the message of wellness,  socioeconomic and sociopolitical justice in healthcare for all people.

We are all humans until, Race disconnected us, Religion separated us, Politics divided us,

Wealth classified us



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Alexandria B.

I started at WOIW (Well of Indigenous Wisdom school) at the beginning of the pandemic and the learning has been right on time. Every class became an anchor point through such turbulent times and everyday it becomes more and more clear how crucial indigenous wisdom is to healing on this planet. Ola is a compassionate teacher and wants you to succeed.  It's impossible to share everything I gained from taking the courses but I know and trust in the foundationI have with WOIW and I'm looking forward to the life long learning journey ahead.

Francis M

Nos ayudaron bien fuerte! Las hierbas medicinales hicieron su trabajo y sus recomendaciones fueron excelentes! Muchisimas gracias a Omaroti!!! Buena seleccion de hierbas medicinales y otros productos y servicios. Excelente que tiene el respaldo de conocimiento pharmacologico que nos da confianza en sus habilidades tambien.

Erica R

Phenomenal healing work done with care and support. I know my words cannot do justice to the work that Omarati continues to do for our community and the world. We are a family of four and she has helped us through some very difficult times offering loving and holistic approaches, healing from a deeper perspective than modern medicine can offer. From Bell’s palsy to adrenal fatigue, eye infections and nutritional deficiency Omarati has guided us towards better solutions that would have been ignored or passed over by others. We are so grateful for her amazing work and know that what she offers is a solution that could help many others. She offers a balanced perspective and a safe environment so please do not hesitate to invest your time and energy to making and appointment today or wandering into her beautiful store in downtown Mayaguez. With gratitude and respect, thank you Omarati for all you have offered our family. I hope many more will return to these practices and find the healing our bodies and land need to thrive.

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