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Waking Up To Loving Yourself

There are thousands of good health tips all over the internet. Many tell us how to eat, what to drink, what's the most effective exercise, the best supplement, or super food on the market.  Yet, there is one perfect health tip right underneath your nose.  A profound and special magnificent health remedy which is simply YOU!  Yes, I am here to remind you that YOU are your best medicine! The most potent, safe and effective medicine you'll ever have that is free of charge!  My father the late Prof. GOP Obasi was a physicist and mathematician who later became a meteorologist.  He was a genius in many ways, and through science and math concepts understood the language of life.  I have great admiration for those who delve deep into this language like Nikola Tesla or Srinivasa Ramanujan who all merged humanitarianism and spirituality with science and mathematics.  They wanted to bring ease and understanding to life developing theories through quantum physics and metaphysical concepts.  I have been inspired by the language of physics and mathematics, and in a way, am honoring those who evoke my inspiration to share this topic. So what does this all have to do with waking up in love with yourself? Waking up in love with you coexists in multi-dimensions expressed within planes that are scientific, spiritual, metaphorical, factual, literal and even inspirational.  You do the research, and I'll create a brief amalgamate and present you with the sacred geometry of loving yourself.  Morning is a sacred time for setting intentions of the day.  The sunrise hour, the life-force that pervades the land, the kind of energy the body holds after fasting from activity, a unique time when certain organ functions become master and others surrender.  Waking up is truly a sacred time, a calculated moment to enter the ritual grounds of rebirthing.  It's amazing that we do not realize that we reenact our birth time day after day, year after year.... So why did you show up on this planet to reenact your birth for a certain amount of time? I propose that you chose an opportunity to evolve through practice of loving yourself.  In quantum physics, repeating the same measurement will not create an evolution and therefore will not cause a system to change. So no matter how your parents brought you here whether a love story or a tragic story, you are responsible for changing your sacred ritual of waking up to evolve beyond the measurement you may have defined for yourself yesterday. Fall in love more and more with every reenactment of your birthing process, its a blessing and its good medicine. Find in the simple ritual of waking up a new birthing way that you can define with words of loving intention.  We know the daily duality of waking up and sleeping is reenacting birth and death, to prepare us for life and afterlife.  We are here to practice living and for some of us certain areas are easier than others, more practiced than others, hard to deal with than others but you know what? We have to do it because we were given the opportunity to love.  Love is the torch that guides your destiny.  It is the elixir for your happiness beyond your physical body and no one can be more in love with you than yourself. May the Great Spirit Bless You!

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