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Burn Out in Chronic Crisis

This piece is dedicated to the circle of women who held me in sacred space and helped me find my ground in a moment of crisis yesterday.

When you're a community worker, you're a community giver, always at the forefront of healing service.  This commitment seems just to happen as a calling from the old Ones, for the Ones to come and the Ones who are here.  So who heals you healer? Who looks out for you and as you carry heaviness or who listens to your loaded witness?  Often times we don't give ourselves permission to be held in the space to be healed.  Then we get burned out.  The experience of burn out for me is suppressing emotions, vulnerabilities, opportunities to self care, time to rest in exchange to keep working and giving, ignoring and going, on and on and on....  Living on the island of Puerto Rico right now is definitely a privilege. I don't need to speak of them.  However, working with the energy of post hurricane is another issue all together.  It's the small things, like driving by a road once where I enjoyed lash trees full of fruit and/or leaves this time of year, and now either seeing empty spaces because the tree is missing, watching contractors cut limbs and trees and then feeling the thud of their collapse or looking at trees with half cut limbs standing in a manner of helplessness in their disfigurement.  Stuff like that brings tears to my eyes.  It's sensitive times.  And it feels like chronic crisis.

My godmother says, that the Earth is our Mother.  We must all tap into our feminine energy and connect with her, we represent her and call chaos to our Mother when we perpetuate it within our own thoughts of anger or vicitimization.  It doesn't serve. So, choose to recognize your emotions and ground them in the soils, roots, the bosom of Earth Mother.  Let them mineralize into crystals of purpose and service. 

It's hard to remember this wisdom during these times that seem so edgy.  Avoiding the edge or acting like you have no connection to this planet is not the answer, its an escape.  Arriving to the stage of burn out means you've done just that.  The surface of the Earth is in chronic crisis, everywhere, even in paradise because all our waters touch.  I ask you community giver, community receiver, to access your grounding practice for the sake of the old Ones, the Ones to come and Ones here now. And thank you circle of women for reminding me of the wisdom within. Blessings to you All!

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