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Everything is Fine...And Your Hands?

A client's hands at the Jayuya Free clinic

Yesterday, I made my monthly trek to the mountains to bring plant medicine to the people.  I saw quite a few clients, some repeat and more new.  In recent weeks, I have been working with "My Body, My Earth", author Ruby Gibson's work on Somatic Archeology, and a requirement for my students at Well of Indigenous Wisdom school.  During clinic, I certainly had to use this tool a lot more than in previous ones.  Much gratitude for my friend doctor Ruby Gibson's work in honor and healing of her people within the 4 corners, Aho!

Trauma is a concept am working on understanding deeply.  It's become a loose word in our colloquial, everyone is talking about PTSD, without understanding the daily fiber and its spectrum of struggle.  Trauma desires to slowly devour the soul, the DNA, the fabric of our cells as it hosts there in order to survive inter-generationally.  My clients yesterday were mostly schizophrenic males, anxiolytic and abused females with headaches.  Mostly mothers of 7,8,9 year old children at the age of 24,25,26.  If you do the math, you'll notice that my clients are teen parents.  My mothers' abusers are teen fathers mostly with an inherited anger to batter and create psychosis in themselves and their victims.  In my sessions yesterday in particular, I came to a point where I could predict the next clients story and the next and the next and the next.  After a few minutes of counsel, I suddenly found myself and my clients within ouroboros, partaking in the medicine of the ancestors traumas and trash, treasures and tribulations, holding the space in the center to discard or desire, then liberate and love for the children here and to come.

As I check pulses and tongues, ouroboros speaks of all that appears to be is not always what is, energy flows where attention goes and what's up with hands, women, abuse, youth pregnancies and trauma and trauma a notch-up, post hurricane.  When we're traumatized, we seek desperately for a way to bring satisfaction to our lives.  When you don't have much money or material distractions, sex is a good way to do it!  So, my mountain youth people are desperately seeking happiness and sex resulting in youth pregnancies is accurate.  This pursuit is cyclical leading to unresolved contracts and resentments, I see this as a reason for these kind of clinical mental and physical manifestations like headaches, anxiety, nervous conditions and irregular heart beats.  The spirit of our displaced, misplaced, unplaced purpose anxiously seeks a host in the body of those desperate ones.  As that broken spirit finds its place it causes trauma because it is trauma.

Post hurricane, the spirit of desperation can not hide any longer.  It has surfaced with it's mouth wide open.  There is no where to hide or pretend.  As you can see in the picture above, it's all in the hands of my people.  The hands have become breakfast, lunch and dinner, an ouroboros of opportunity depending on how we delegate it; to eat oneself away, or see the medicine in having done this to oneself.  My goal is to create infinite opportunity to rise and empower people.  As ally to plant medicine, I serve the people to see the truth within themselves.  One of my clients said to me yesterday, that she would apply to get her hair and beauty training so that she can create a healing space for other women while doing their hair and painting their nails. Beauty oh beauty how glorious you are!  Am following up with her application next visit as my counsel to her was, "Education is liberating, my beautiful sister."

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