Club Omaroti

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What is Club Omaroti?

A membership community of like-minded individuals seeking to understand and dive deeper in  learning  plant medicine.  Led by a professional herbalist to promote safety, proper use and personable product use for self care. It's easy, simply join the club and receive herbs and instructions via (e)mail.

Who is Club Omaroti for?

All people from all walks of life may join Club Omaroti.  People who are interested in herbalism for family or personal use, or people who are herbalists or holistic professionals and want to explore herbs for deeper exploration as a community or individually. 

Why create Club Omaroti?

Customer service, customer service, customer service....As much as I prefer to teach and consult in person, not everyone can have access to my services.  In today's world, where the power of technology and virtual connection is most prominent,  it was decided to create this kind of forum for everyone to access.  Moreover, many clients, customers and students want to continue working with me without necessarily having a consult or attending a course, Club Omaroti maintains that connection:)

How do I get started and how does it work?

It's very simple!  We do most of the work at Omaroti.  All you have to do is confirm your subscription here.  We will send you an email confirming receipt of your membership, details of product and shipment you'll receive. Just remember to write in your contact information correctly to avoid any delays.


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